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Main Course - Lamb

(all meat is boneless, fresh and halal)

Karahai Gosht
Hand prepared, boneless diced lamb cooked with fresh
garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes and spices, tossed dry in a
Karahai, topped with chunks of tomatoes and sprinkled with fresh
coriander and ginger – if preferred, freshly chopped green chillies.

Single plate 


Serves 2 people


Serves 4 people 



Lamb Curry


Chunks of lamb in a mildly spicy sauce.


Methi Gosht    


Chunks of lamb with fenugreek leaves, herbs and spices.


Aloo Gosht       


Chunks of lamb with potatoes in a sauce.


Saag Meat      


Chunks of lamb cooked with spinach, fresh ginger, garlic and spices.


Mutter Keema     


Minced lamb with fresh garden peas and spices.


Aloo Keema    


Minced lamb with potatoes, herbs and spices.


Daal Gosht   



Keema Egg                 


Lightly spiced, minced lamb with free range, organic eggs.


Lamb Madras [S]


Lamb Vindaloo [S]



Lamb Korma         


Chunks of lamb in a coconut and cream sauce.


Lamb Bhuna     



Lamb Biryani                 


Small pieces of lamb cooked with mild spices, saffron and
basmati rice, sprinkled with fresh coriander.